Four common problems in the process of enterprise marketing

in the era of network information, network marketing is the product of social change, but also the inevitable requirement of network technology to a certain stage of development. It brings to the enterprise or individual webmaster is a new marketing model and the more ideal propaganda effect. Whether it is millet, or net red, they have a little success, that is the power of network attention. In fact, many companies have noticed the power of network marketing, also spend a certain amount of manpower, material and financial resources to do the corresponding promotion, to make website construction, but with little success. So on the network marketing form is greater than the actual comments can spread like wildfire, the fact is that so? Network marketing is just marketing suck own propaganda is not enough, or the enterprises themselves in the process of marketing problems in this? I just want to comment, talk about the common marketing process in the enterprise, want to look after you the heart will have.

marketing thinking lag, poor sense of competition

although the Internet has been developed for a long time in our country, the consciousness of the enterprise is still limited to the entity to a great extent. At present, the vast majority of enterprises will also be positioned in the entity, positioned in the line of peers, who knows, in the information age, the ability to control the application of the Internet often determines the competitiveness of enterprises. Many people are not aware of, seize the network information of the virtual market is essential to win the competitive advantage of enterprises, they lack a sense of urgency and a sense of crisis, the network is very mysterious, always think of network marketing and we still have a long distance, eventually leading to the network marketing competition ability. Around such examples are not uncommon, the use of network marketing millet good and always do have build up the family fortunes, mobile phone Meizu is still lukewarm state, relying on word of mouth among users, the dissemination is too narrow, and a series of marketing millet Meizu to illustrate a truth, competition from more from the network itself. Physical industry to do more than just think that network marketing is to build the official website, I do not know this is the first step, through the network to build the brand is what we want to see results.

professional marketing process low

in fact, there are many forms of network marketing, not just planning to organize activities on the marketing, the basic site, and even post promotion of such small things. I’d like to say a little more about it. Although the post, such as writing soft in the media marketing is essentially an informal promotional activities, we have to give enough attention. Some business operators do not care about these small details, the general feeling is to cope with a job, if you don’t want to do and why insist on their own, Jerry will only make the effect. In fact, although the content of the post and spelling mistakes not worth mentioning, but without a grand view, these little mistakes will make the content itself looks very bad, thereby reducing the evaluation of audience and psychological feelings, then ultimately affect is the inevitable result of our own. To know that we are holding their own brand to do the promotion, to do exposure, you do each point represents the