Mobile broadcast content incubator platform Sunchon won several million dollars in financing

news July 25th, focused on the mobile broadcast quality PGC content producers Sunchon media has completed the first round of millions of yuan financing, venture capital investment by the Tibet falcons exclusive angel.

It is reported that

, Sunchon media was founded in July 2016, is a focus on premium content incubation platform mobile broadcast, founder of CCTV producer Zhang Yudong and former Baidu executives Wu Wenquan game. Zhang Yudong had a central TV sports channel host, nearly ten years deep in the CCTV sports channel sports entertainment program production. Wu Wenquan has served as Baidu CEO Meng Qing Ren interactive, cool vice president, deputy general manager of Baidu mobile games, the business is responsible for the overall Baidu mobile game.