How to lose advertising budget

Hello, after reading "how to do" and the advertising budget 2000 budget for the 0 "how to do" advertising, I believe you have a certain psychological construction of this article, this article will feel miserable is to continue to sell the tucao.


is always in your life for a candy you want to slap (into into.) pit is called a pit, are you happy to run when you knock off incisors. Our dog commercials are poor, but we are not stupid, and lose money thing, most people is absolutely not dry, until I met a God pit. This, I will come with you, talk about feelings, drink a cup of chicken soup, talk about the ideal and distant."

what was the first thing you did when you were a novice or a member of a small advertising agency? Tell me,


looking for? Guest?

Nonononono, you deserve nothing ah. As the saying goes, children can’t set to find the wolf, lose integrity cheat rogue. As a novice, the first thing you need to do, is to give free brands to do the project, to help them buy traffic, to write on your project experience in thick and heavy in colours of a pen.

Some of the

Global 500, specifically looking for good quality small advertising company do free cooperation projects to plan to copy, but promised them to LOGO can be added to the advertising company PPT introduced as a star, a superb collection of beautiful things. When such customers hold enough of your scene, you can go to smaller start-up companies out of the price monthly fee.

if you ask me, how could the world’s top 500 companies find us? I don’t even have a contact. Well, we in the mysterious and ancient oriental, a set of basic techniques called bawanggengshanggong……

specific steps are as follows:

1 in the XX Internet Summit with leaders, (all of the General Assembly will have to look into the mix, no matter how tall on the open) crazy exchange name card mode, of course, as a small company you must name card plug does not go out, never mind! Your goal is to receive their name card with WeChat!, always meet then several large companies in the intern trance to exchange information with you! Then you can squat down to the circle of friends, to every one of PR information at their company!! ebullience praise, encourage and support their activities better and better! Then fly, windy night in a month. After you exhaust all the skills in big brand attraction, the new planning activities, always dark rubbing with "co hosts";

2 no matter you are providing free space built or print a single page sponsor or send hundreds of bottles of mineral water or, or a stenographer cameraman, provides free services or all can be described for XX assembly for participation and the overall planning and operation work, create XXXX people in the record, won the XX million.