Domestic and international famous B2C system introduction and comparison of ASP NET and PHP

B2C system at home and abroad to introduce and compare ASP.NET and PHP

, a well-known domestic B2C system

1, Shopex the largest e-commerce system, there are a variety of auxiliary tools, PHP development, free but not open source, many online shop templates, more suitable for Taobao store sellers. URL:

2, ECshop free and open source PHP system, there are a lot of B2C shop chose this system. URL:

3, HiShop old system, free but not open source, can not be developed for the two time, but also to do the background function, the operation is not convenient. URL:

4, V5Shop is a good system, but not free open source, but the system is suitable for enterprises to do B2C, there are other features a strong promotion function is quite strong, in the future to do website development function reference. URL:

5, shopWe is also a very good system, just $3000 business license can use the system, but not open source. Said it is good because the system foreground template to do very beautiful and style is also more, it is recommended to develop the foreground template, refer to the system. URL:

two, foreign B2C system:

1, dashCommerce, it is open and free, it is support for multi language version, can replace the website template, but the function is weak, if the use of the system must be re development promotion function and suitable for domestic users of the web site interface template. URL:

2, nopCommerce, it is open source but not free system, support multi language, function is very rich, more famous in foreign countries, there is an active community. It takes $50 to get rid of copyright and $20 to buy a user’s document. URL:

3, petshop, Microsoft’s.Net technology display system, n layer structure development, including almost all of the.Net2.0 technology, but only the front of the simple shopping features, there is no background function. It will take a long time to use it to develop the system.

foreign system interface generally does not conform to the user habits, but also all the payment module to be re developed.

three, open source options: >