Financial crisis to promote the development of e commerce 2009 nternet Conference

from just the end of the China Internet Conference above, we can get some information outside the meeting, first, role of the state of the Internet industry is fully affirmed, and the country’s future policy is likely to accelerate the further development of the internet. Second information is that the industry is quite optimistic about the future of 3G applications. The great leap forward development of the Internet are betting on 3G. Third, e-commerce in China in the future development, will play a very important role, it may be like Ma said, to create a new commercial civilization into the era, that is, the era of Internet purchase.

Why would

countries attach so much importance to this meeting? You have to speak from the financial crisis, the growth rate of the Internet industry vitality and reflected in the financial crisis are unmatched by other industries, and now the Internet industry to produce other renovation and upgrading, promote the development of other industries also showed a very positive therefore, we introduce the theme of momentum, the financial crisis and promote the development of electronic commerce.

in a period of poor economic efficiency, enterprises to survive, the first thing to do is to save costs. Network sales is one of the ways to reduce the cost of enterprises. Recently, the author visited China’s most developed manufacturing industry in Shenzhen and Dongguan, found that many companies are using e-commerce marketing. In Shenzhen’s water Pui Industrial Zone, Shenzhen’s jewelry base, it is said that 70% of the country’s jewelry is out of here. In the course of the investigation, many companies have their own e-commerce sites, online jewelry trading. The author visited one of the most representative of the network to understand the diamond wedding, they from last year has been using the form of e-commerce sales of diamonds, diamond rings and other products. Due to the reduction of a number of links, so the product and traditional sales channels, compared to about half the cost. In Shenzhen, in Dongguan, there are still many companies like this.

if not the financial crisis, many enterprises may also settle, if there is no financial, many enterprises may depend on foreign trade orders, if not financial, many companies do not have the concept of reducing production cost, if there is no financial crisis, our enterprises may not have the pressure of survival and develop new market demand. The financial crisis, venture capital has become more careful selection of the project more carefully, therefore, many enterprises in the financing problem, but, for most enterprises, the financial crisis may make their profits a lot, but it increases the enterprise’s competitiveness and survival ability.

concluded that the financial crisis is an opportunity for the e-commerce industry, because e-commerce has never been so much attention and acceptance by the public, therefore, the financial crisis to promote the development of e-commerce.