Amazon released within the app AP share revenue with developers

Beijing time on August 27th evening news, Amazon on Tuesday released a new API (Application Programming Interface), so that Android and Kindle Fire developers can get revenue through the application of the user’s shopping.

through Amazon, a new mobile assistant API, application developers will be able to get the most relevant sales revenue of up to 6%, which will become an attractive source of income. This API allows consumers to shop within the application without having to log on to the Amazon site, which will bring great convenience.

developers can use the API in a variety of ways, for example, can sell a commodity within the application, including the "angry birds" merchandise, or to a particular commodity, or will the physical goods and digital goods bundling. The last model is conducive to cross platform media sales, such as sales of CD and digital music.

is looking for new sources of revenue for developers, Amazon has a new feature attractive. But it is clear that Amazon has benefited from the most. Few electricity supplier sites can be integrated with the application of such depth, while providing a key feature in the application will undoubtedly increase the sales of goods.