Xiao Yuqiang 15 basic military online optimization

has just done an online shop to optimize the program book. I have been to a number of online shop to do technical consultant, also found a lot of online shop optimization problems, some of these problems are still shop. Shop optimization is all the shop should pay attention to the optimization of doing a good shop can naturally get a better user experience and a higher conversion rate. Cut the crap, directly into the shop to optimize.

1, shop name optimization. The shop name suggested to name + main products, because some users will search through the shop to find products, so it is necessary to reflect the products in the shop name.

2, shop shop classification optimization. Fill in, don’t look at the clothing popularity, you sell donkey skin plaster to choose clothing category, beware of your Taobao K.

3, shop profile optimization. The introduction of the store and the product, if the store is the company to do, you can also put the company’s qualifications, such as put up, enhance user trust.

4, want to name optimization. I can’t change once registered, it is recommended to want a good name or what products to apply for Wangwang, Wangwang and name or product will bring good user trust.

5, shop recruit optimization. Ji’nan e-commerce Xiao Yuqiang often see a lot of the owner of the shop Zhaohua fancy, but also incomprehensible, signage is a sign, should at least have a name, pro! In addition, shop recommended with main products, users know at a glance what you are selling.

6, navigation optimization. Don’t put what navigation here about store like, don’t put what brand story, not mean that users want to see your product, so you know, your main product category placed here.

7, the category of image optimization. The picture here is the default category words, suggest a picture, the picture style and shop style coordination. The width of about 168px, the height of yourself. You have to make it highly 1680px directly into the left door.

8, the left side of the online custom content area optimization. Xiao Yuqiang often see a lot of the right side of the shop is very rich on the left side is a blank, I said if you can not imagine, he opened the shop dragged to the bottom, look at the left is not blank. Waste of resources, shameful waste of resources, as to what the contents of their own.

9, the right side of the shop navigation optimization. You can customize the content here, but here is not recommended to the company into the show of strength like stuff, good promotional resources, without pity, you can put a single product promotion here, also can put the flash scroll, you can also design your own.

10, shop Title optimization. Most users search through Taobao to find the product, the user is the search keyword search, so you want to be the user’s product >