2008 rely on advertising alliance to win the market

advertising alliance development in China has been for several years, with the addition of Google AdWords, Baidu also launched a Baidu promotion, there are some other large sites also continued to launch a "targeted" alliance as the main characteristics of the nature of the product, caused a huge impact to the domestic advertising alliance. According to data released by IResearch, the 2007 advertising alliance market size of more than 1 billion yuan, but of which more than 70% of the share occupied by Google, Baidu, etc.. At present, many of the alliance is still confined to the original "intermediary" or "middleman" role, regardless of the brand, technology or service, have no advantage, that in this case, how should the advertising break out in 2008


analysis of these large alliances, their characteristics can be summarized as: advertising orientation, statements, brands these three factors.

1 orientation: this concept is not very strange, a lot of advertisers are aware that the directional technology can reduce the cost of advertising, the effect is better. At present, many alliances do not have this feature, just ordinary advertising, when there are two alliances, one directional technology, another is not you think, advertisers will choose which one? However, directional Google and Baidu are mostly limited to the time, area, content, advertising is only a form of text ads, at this point is not a place beyond


2 report: many alliances only provide simple spending one day how much advertising costs of such statements, in the fierce competition today, more detailed report, in order to prove the alliance more responsible, this is also a lot of the union should be thinking of the place as much as possible to allow advertisers to understand that he put the money on the way to where. To dispel doubts alliance.

3 brand: Google, Baidu alliance in the country have a very good brand effect, the general alliance can not simply go beyond, can only rely on good faith, and slowly accumulate and develop.

there are other details, but also for your reference

1 alliance positioning, what is the station to put, or require a certain ranking of the station?

2 is to do a certain industry advertising alliance, or do all the industry?

What are the characteristics of

3 to attract advertisers?

4 is a permanent solution to


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