Wang Xing more than 99 9% of the group purchase website will die

September 20th news, the U.S. mission network founder and CEO Wang Xing today guest 146th IT Longmen array, to explore the current and future buy.

"do different things have different results"

as a veteran Internet molecules, Wang Xing almost always firmly grasp the pulse of the internet. From the school network to the rice no, and then to the United States Mission network, Wang Xing has always believed in a word – do not have the same thing".

for group buying model, Wang Xing is the first attempt to make entrepreneurs. At the scene, Wang Xing cited a number of U.S. mission network, the first in China –

"the first group purchase website, launched in March 4, 2010, the first project is a value of 50 yuan monthly Wine tasting packages; the first to introduce the user consumption evaluation system, to evaluate the tracking requirements of consumers SMS service; the first company to establish a large-scale call center using Avaya full set of equipment, equipped with 300 seats; the first launch group purchase coupons expire SMS alerts, not take non consumption goods; the first launch expired Baotui, March 10th to 31 total return of ten million users, the beginning is thought to disrupt the industry becomes widely accepted and reference. The first open to the public data website, open to consumers background data, industry data false promise never."

Wang Xing these "first" are regarded as the United States did not do the same thing". Wang Xing said that by virtue of these are different from the characteristics of peers, the United States and ultimately to achieve the desired and different results:

according to Wang Xing revealed that the U.S. mission network daily visits more than 3 million, in September this year, the transaction volume has reached $150 million, and maintained a growth rate of 20% per month.

beauty group is currently in the country of nearly more than and 100 city stations, the total number of employees reached 2000 people. Wang Xing said that the city is certainly a high volume of transactions, but the cost will be increased, while the 100 group is also suitable for the market to buy the u.s.. He said, 100 this figure is the U.S. group in reference to the data in the data cube buyers of Taobao, the basic conclusion and compared with that of a large city.

Research firm

DCCI released after the first half of 2011, Chinese network group purchase user survey report ", the report shows, the U.S. group net group purchase service and customer service in the service level of user satisfaction in the top. Wang Xing said that in the 1-5 score of satisfaction score, the current level of the U.S. group is 4.2, the future goal is maintained at more than 4 points.

buy the future: the way to change the Internet

in the United States Mission online, the proportion of physical single less than 10%, localization services is the main focus of the u.s.. Wang Xing believes that in kind and local life service is to buy the two categories of services, but the consumer experience is not the same as the two, to improve the former group buying site is the media attribute, in the physical domain is >