Electricity supplier financing into the frozen period how to survive

Hao Fengling Shanghai reports

remembers that in 2010 of August and September, Qing had held a small forum on e-commerce. At that time, the Jingdong, where the customer is not like this somewhere.

Jinsha River venture partners in this forum on a word so far still fresh: now if any of the investment institutions in the hands of a few electricity supplier projects, it must be anxious to die.

is also on the forum, it was made such a prediction: in the next few years, China’s 10 listed electricity supplier companies no problem.

in recent years, Chinese entrepreneurs and VC/PE in practical action to prove Bill · more than and 10 years ago, the prophecy of the, twenty-first Century, either e-commerce, or no business can be."

according to the statistics of the Qing Branch, in 2008, China’s e-commerce sector financing companies have 7, in 2009 reached 16, in 2010 was 52, in 2011 soared to 116. The amount of financing in the field is also increasing every year: from $228 million 380 thousand in 2008 to $1 billion 669 million 410 thousand in 2011.

but the market has increasingly become a problem.

2010, Mcglaughlin and Dangdang has listed, but now, Mcglaughlin’s stock has dropped below $2, Dangdang today’s stock price than the issue price of $16 to more than half. Although the third electricity supplier company vip.com listed in the near future, but so far has been bleeding.

is also a primary market Feng Shui turn: electricity supplier hot time, VC/PE is seeking a point to share the enterprise, and now the role of a complete conversion.

for VC, once the meat and potatoes really become a hot potato? Small, raise money, not financing, listed non listed enterprises, how to spend the winter capital of


Yang Fei, vice president of IDG capital partners, a well-known foreign VC publicity (a pseudonym), vice president of business enterprise poly still easy munemoto gives their opinions.

twenty-first Century: now the electricity supplier investment becomes cold, what is your attitude towards the electricity supplier investment now?

Yang Fei: I don’t think our steps will be affected by this.

IDG has always insisted that, look at the entrepreneurial team and the company’s intrinsic value more, compared to other people, we will be less speculative.

before, we did not try to use others to grab high prices. Now is the market downturn, if there is a good model, good team, we will vote.


users increasingly accept e-commerce, e-commerce continues to buy it, so it has the value. VC still continue to vote, that is, electricity providers still have the opportunity.