Disclosure the first video network deduct Commission Director of the true situation

"On the

with the first video after" the deduct the Commission described himself as chief reason is the first video to deduct the Commission, but the fact is it? I say the truth! Let more webmaster to see the fact that the first video to let countless stationmaster earn more than other domestic union don’t know many times higher than the the Advertising Commission did webmaster all know!! is this kind of webmaster to destroy


/article/20071031/60537.shtml this is the webmaster post!

the webmaster said: 28 he saw the network to send text messages and changed!

will now provide a record of the network as follows:

1, the background log shows the time and the number of stations in the letter read the first video network forum

2007-10-29 message_id=2244 delmessage 02:05:11 is_read

2007-10-29 message_id=2244 delmessage 02:07:14 is_read

2007-10-29 message_id=2244 delmessage 02:11:23 is_read

2007-10-29 message_id=2244 delmessage 13:36:24 is_read

2007-10-29 message_id=2244 delmessage is_read 16:12:51

2007-10-29 message_id=2244 delmessage 16:35:05 is_read

the webmaster No. 29 more than 2 first read the network issued letter, and the webmaster said, see No. 28 and changed with the contradiction of


2, the webmaster website page traffic:

October 27th, October 29th, October 30th, October 31st

159509159494693989 398

more than 28 of the flow can be seen with the number of the number of traffic and no difference, until the station No. 29 changed, the flow down!

is the first video description:

      1, the network for the owners to give you the opportunity to correct for some, not required to put in the code website webmaster modify the time limit.