U S group in May sales of 1 billion 476 million yuan before the end of the year is expected to prof

June 5th afternoon news, buy the site before the United States Mission Network disclosure today in May sales data, sales amounted to 1 billion 476 million yuan, and is expected to achieve profitability by the end of.

, according to Wang Huiwen, vice president of the U.S. group (micro-blog) revealed that the first 5 months of sales data for the United States in January was $200 million, in February, 240 million yuan, in March, $300 million, in April, 350 million yuan, in May, $386 million, the first 5 months amounted to $1 billion 476 million.

Wang Huiwen also said the "expired or return" data, he in May, for example, the amount reached 19 million 410 thousand yuan, accounting for about 5% of total sales in May.

"expired to return to the U.S. mission network launched in March last year and said the measures, this part of the funds is the group purchase website income" unspoken rule". March this year, the U.S. group has announced data from March 2011 to February 2012, the amount of overdue refund of 78 million yuan, an increase of sales of $1 billion 819 million, compared with the previous year (sales of $230 million) an increase of 8 times.

Wang Huiwen said that compared to the overall size of the domestic third industry, local service providers can only be considered just started. "Our cash flow is positive and is expected to be profitable by the end of the year." (Lin Ming)