ndependent mall ready for the successful establishment of the background security

believe that many webmaster in the use of "shopping mall", but in fact you are not very good in our brand support, not enough advertising bedding, shopping mall and site independent, it is difficult to keep a foothold in the market. Although in recent years, the further maturity and expansion of online shopping, but the independent mall business model does not seem to usher in the era of flowering floor. "Distribution agent system" is the transitional period, the establishment of an independent Mall for the future, to provide the necessary basis for preparation and support. The reasons are as follows:

1 in your product does not establish a perfect "supplier management", "inventory management", "logistics management", "after sale management" and so on. The establishment of "independence mall" tantamount to a "shell mall", basically meet the needs of business volume not on thousands of single pin. If you intend to establish these channels and then gradually improve the mall management system, there are only two results: one is to establish these channels exhausted, another is the management cost of channel slow death.

2 then the transition period should be how to do? Should first consider your products or other resources, sufficient data, and the establishment of the "show package" and the product data released to the "distribution management system". Then you begin to establish sales channels, through online and offline sales, develop your distribution channels, network marketing business, you need to do is every night, the sum of all sales channels orders, unified delivery, and gradually establish a logistics management system for you. As you gradually expand sales, make full use of "distribution management system" development of multi channel management, distribution management and financial management, and customer service. This is the time when you should consider setting up an independent mall, because you are able to cope with the daily sales of thousands of single. At the same time, the establishment of the mall system, can further shorten the distance of the user, to establish their own brands, making the ultimate profit maximization.

3 mall set up "distribution management system" can also express advantage to further develop its "unified orders, distribution, delivery, to the shopping mall, and other sales channels, to provide a unified background support. It can be said that it is the network of the ERP system for the integration of resources to provide comprehensive support.

The following is the analysis of the EAgent

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1 application background

in recent years, the rapid development of electronic commerce, especially in taobao.com as a representative of B2C, C2C e-commerce model has been widely recognized by all Internet users, almost all users have different levels of participation in online transactions. In 1, the 2 line city, online trading, online shopping products, in fact, has become an important complement to the traditional line of the irreplaceable and convenient and superior way