ndia LimeRoad shopping website women’s exclusive paradise


in China, women hold up half the sky, not only because women accounted for half of the total population, but also because many women in charge of most of the household disposable income, there are countless women in making purchase decisions for themselves and their family every day. As we all know, there are online shopping behavior of female consumers not only in the number of more than men, and they have a higher frequency of online shopping. There is no doubt that any shopping mall will treat every customer as God, in which God, the majority of women.

said the woman’s money well earned, so many department stores, shopping malls and even street shops are chose to view the female consumer goods, what is more, some stores simply give consumers choice for men and women consumption theme shop, no distraction for female customer service. Female Internet users to lead the trend of consumption has gradually become a new growth point of the market. Now India has launched a female exclusive shopping site LimeRoad.

there are many specifically tailored for the female online shopping platform, such as the dream bazaar, Mcglaughlin, lefeng.com etc.. Compared with LimeRoad, the highlight is the home page of the site by the magazine layout cool interface, and LimeRoad for women to provide goods to Home Furnishing supplies, small jewelry accessories to everything. Users can browse through the pages of the magazine to browse more products, you can also enter the keyword or category search quickly find their favorite products.

users can browse through the magazine in the picture of any single product (such as the model of the shirt, hat, handbag, etc.) to browse in detail. LimeRoad also authorized the Facebook account, the user can not register in the case of LimeRoad account by logging on their Facebook account to buy goods on LimeRoad.

in October 18th this year, the official website. The company raised $5 million in A round of financing, investors were Matrix Partners India and Lightspeed Venture Partners, LimeRoad said the funds will be used to improve the site and promote the development of products.

living in this era of women usually have a kind of "I" consciousness, they want to always be the most distinctive one. In addition to the high price of luxury synonymous with this, but also because of the refined and superior quality and loved by women consumers. Luxury goods will give them a sense of superiority, but the luxury is not affordable for most women.

survey found that the mainstream online shopping users are mostly low-income people, they are more sensitive to changes in commodity prices, so low price promotion strategy has a very good market effect. At the same time, the majority of female consumers also admit that, except