Grote drunk beauty ecological night detonated the Dalian Beer Festival

in recent days, accompanied by the grand opening of the Dalian International Beer Festival, the well-known domestic and international beer brand collective Carnival has been ignited. In the beer festival, depending on its network network to push the "ecological" large canopy Gru firepower. Authentic authentic German beer, cool music VR experience egg bin, LETV wine channel broadcast, a wave of ecological…… With the July 22nd opening night music as a super TV sent a fully and delightfully "drunk Germany", "ecological drunk" and "drunk surprise" beer experience high turn the audience.


"eco beer" Groot take you high

Dalian Beer FestivalIt is reported that

, which is the debut of Grote beer Dalian International Beer Festival, LETV holding vice chairman, network network CEO Li Rui also rushed to the scene to participate in the open ceremony. "This is Grote network network to push the global brands, our products from the birth to the brand operation took an ecological route, to participate in the Dalian Beer Festival, also brought a lot of new ecological cross-border play. Hope that through the Star Cafe, LETV VR, live, let visitors experience to grut scene of the cool feeling, to fully experience the charm of music as ecology."

"Grote beer big tent" All seats are occupied.

night, bright lights, wine fragrance, Yourenruzhi, festive music resounded through the night sky filled with Grote beer big tent strong German style is All seats are occupied.


"eco beer" Grote unveiled at the Dalian International Beer Festival

eco tasting group members and visitors drank Grote, and full of praise for the pure German beer quality. Grote "glory – white wheat beer", "conquer black beer", "brilliant black wheat beer", "crazy – strong beer, unique flavor, rich aroma, mellow taste, followed the usual quality of traditional de beer. "We are the music as sports and grut jointly launched from Germany, Mannheim, by the long history of German Aishibao brewery. Grote in the brewing process to strictly follow the William 4 in 1516 promulgated the "WTO law" pure beer brewing, quality and taste very characteristic of German origin." Li Rui said, "different from the domestic beer industry light taste, grut original wort concentration from P to 11.4° 16.3° P range, have a better taste experience."

has always been to the "German beer proud, I also love the taste of authentic German beer. Grote beer is just the taste I expect most, smooth, delicate and rich foam, carefully taste also reeking of wheat." A local veteran beer lovers told reporters. Mellow, rich German delicacy, grut cheerful party, there is another round of lucky draw, "big tent festival.

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