Theory and technology of mobile e commerce in China

China Mobile business is in the stage of rapid development, there are still many problems in the theory and technology of mobile commerce. Based on the 2001-2008 published in domestic research about mobile business papers according to the publication period, the research direction and is affected by the fund to support the classification of statistical research, analysis of the domestic mobile commerce research status, characteristics, direction and focus, existing problems and research trends, provide a domestic mobile commerce research overview of related research in mobile commerce for further research, provide some suggestions.

mobile commerce refers to any business activity carried out on the wireless communication network. With the development of wireless communication network in the domestic popularity and mature, mobile commerce with the traditional electronic commerce does not have mobility, timeliness and convenience features, spread rapidly, such as mobile phone, mobile phone games download customized ringing tone, bank, mobile email, mobile phone Internet and mobile phone wallet and other mobile commerce.

as of June 2008, according to China Internet Network Information Center statistics, the number of Chinese Internet users reached 253 million. According to China’s Ministry of industry and information technology statistics, in July 2008, China’s mobile phone users has exceeded 600 million. With the integration of mobile communications and Internet technology, in 2007 the number of domestic mobile phone users reached 72 million people, an annual growth rate of up to 95.7%. This shows that mobile commerce has more potential consumer groups than traditional e-commerce. With the maturity of smart phone technology and the decline in prices, as well as China’s 3G licenses began to be issued, the new mobile business applications began to appear, such as mobile phones, mobile tv. There is reason to believe that the mobile phone as the main carrier of mobile commerce will have a broader development space than the traditional e-commerce.

But after all

mobile commerce is a new thing, there are still many economic, social and technical issues for domestic experts and scholars to explore and research, in order to better, faster and more healthy, more correctly promote mobile commerce development and application in china. The purpose of this paper is to analyze Mobile Commerce published on Chinese domestic scholars research papers, the domestic mobile business research status, characteristics, direction and focus, existing problems and research trends, provide an overview of the research of mobile commerce in China for mobile commerce research, to provide some suggestions for the future domestic scholars further study on mobile commerce.

this paper is divided into 3 parts: the first part is the research methods, how to extract and collect samples; second, to collect the research on mobile commerce based on age, research category and whether fund support for statistical analysis; finally, the conclusions and suggestions for further research in future mobile commerce.

1 research methods

in order to effectively collect domestic scholars published academic papers about mobile business, we mainly select published in domestic academic journals because of academic journals is the main carrier of high quality academic papers published. In this study, we did not collect domestic