New domain name intermediary let us help you contact the buyer

  the cybersquatting Yu Yu Lie, many domain name investors registered a domain name, but because the domain name market is not mature, resulting in a large number of domain names can not sell. Although some websites have launched the domain name transaction transfer service, but most of the transactions between the seller and the transaction amount is very low, very few turnover.

  data show that at present because the domain name cybersquatting leads to idle millions of more, really want to use these people not to use the domain name, and owns the domain name registrant cannot sell the domain name. From the investigation of many domain name investors learned that they would like to have an intermediary to help them sell these domain names, and is willing to pay a certain commission. In view of this situation, the scholarly network ( and began to try to borrow a real estate intermediary operation mode, with a new domain name intermediary way, take the initiative to help contact the domain name and domain name investors, buyers negotiate transactions and transfer.

 , the industry believes that this is indeed a new domain name intermediary model, this model will enhance the heat of the domain name transaction to some extent, but also to alleviate the pressure of the domain name investors. But the new model will have new problems, such as domain names are registered in different companies, different companies transfer procedures and transfer procedures are not the same, this will inevitably lead to a very good domain name intermediary cannot act as an intermediary role, the domain name for this situation intermediaries need to put forward a better solution.