SF community O2O Wang Wei still don’t know striking one snag after another

O2O for the SF community, has also not been what Tucao because the original concept of O2O, the community recognized, is a large part of the SF SF factors, make a contribution to the industry, and market innovation is always the process of trial and error. As a community O2O the earliest advocates of nature have so little respect for good luck, but this does not affect other people Tucao SF hey off the fun.

in the voices of doubt, recently SF "Hey" was renamed "SF", but the name can save O2O of the embarrassing situation of the SF community. Today’s content is not to Tucao SF community O2O, not to mention the "Ma favorite people" who what advice, simply help O2O comb under the direction of community SF, SF Wang Wei or senior will see no matter, it is important to SF as a case, let me see O2O community stores play what problems more industry.

is a superficial reform! "Hey" to "SF home" is a simple


public information, as of 11 at the end of 2014, the number of SF hey inn is 2975. For any one industry, line 3000 stores have the scale effect, if the 3000 for retail stores, fruit shops, snack shops, SF has undoubtedly become a big market.

is the 3000 stores SF shop display, from last May to November, half a year to open 3000 stores, this premise speed shop is not considered profitable under the condition of the rapid development of the scale. But now the scale, but did not see any possible profit. Since last May the year, the industry has never stopped to question the SF hey passengers, from the public point of view, SF hey passenger has lost power and influence on public opinion, a product for failure.

in the voices of doubt in Wang Wei seems to still did not give up, these two days went further, "Hey" more "SF" stores, VI comprehensive facelift, the official said is the store service upgrades, will be "the preferred SF SF SF + Home + financial + SF express + convenience service" as a whole, the layout of the whole channel O2O community platform.

hey SF home just changed its name, the next expression of some children after the examination failed a will take the same meaning, make only superficial changes behind is a superficial reform, what business integration, service upgrade this kind of things are said to listen to the media, if not name, do not change, these businesses do do. SF community O2O problem is not present in what name, but good luck itself is not clear even direction.

had to suffer community store layout, the number or long experience, it is said that this upgrade stores only SF Shenzhen and Shanghai two stores to do the pilot, the pilot to see the situation and then decide how to follow. In my opinion, in the present way, SF home two stores is enough, before you figure out what to do community O2O, other 3000>