Analysis of the new marketing mode of Alipay analysis the activities of Wang Zhefeng

first, "customer" value where? Personally, customer activity is the innovation of marketing mode of a three win.

for users, the free experience is no stranger, but are on the ground with a free trial. For example, the supermarket is one of the largest free trial base, we will go to the supermarket to find a variety of goods free trial, most of the cosmetics and food. Coffee, biscuits, tea are free trial of the highest frequency of goods, sales staff will allow users to enjoy the scene.

for online trial, the user will generally conflict, because the virtual network so that many people do not believe there is really a free lunch". But the Alipay platform plays the role of supervision, so that the online trial reliability is greatly improved, the netizens believe that they will not be deceived, because Alipay has been highly honest, so they are assured to receive free goods.

for businesses, this is definitely a good opportunity for word of mouth marketing and access to user complaints. In today’s era, which companies do not engage in the Internet will be eliminated, seriously do e-commerce, seriously engage in corporate reputation of the Internet will be rewarded. Through a free trial, although the need to provide some of the goods, but this part of the cost is much less than the cost of advertising a lot, and the effect of stiff and the effect of this word of mouth marketing is completely not comparable.

through the user experience report, this objective third party evaluation, can easily get the trust of consumers, thereby greatly enhancing the brand influence and product sales. But in the trial process, the enterprise can collect real user experience, so as to improve the product, which also enables the enterprise to obtain free market research report, Why not?


for Alipay, this is definitely the experimental field of a culture of online shopping users and online shopping habits. The main reasons hindering the development of electronic commerce is the integrity of online shopping users worry, through the "analysis" let users really realize online shopping online shopping is not terrible, and go to the shopping site is simple and more convenient, online shopping is also full of fun. At the same time, through the "customer" activities closer to the relationship between businesses and Alipay, as a platform between businesses and customers, more and more businesses use Alipay as a payment tool, open API interface to them, which is conducive to the implementation of the strategy of Taobao.


, Alibaba, Taobao and Alipay see wishful thinking.

I have always believed that e-commerce is the best product of the Internet economy and the real economy, but also the best Internet model. Because from the real economy of the Internet is just castles in the air, and I have been worried about the Tencent can not achieve the leading will become an obstacle to become a stumbling block in the most powerful Internet Co in electronic commerce.

Alipay and Taobao’s recent series of actions is that Alibaba is accelerating the integration of the real economy and the Internet speed as much as possible to increase the interaction, pull the ground has not joined the electronic commerce, without the use of electronic payment industry "