Tourism B2B tourism circle to complete the B round of financing flagship service

recently, tourism B2B platform "horse buckle tourism circle" has announced the completion of the B round of financing, the current round of the five agencies to complete the joint venture, respectively send huge group of Yi capital, fund, Haitong, Guangdong run investment and Chinese capital CIGNA spectrum.

founder Li Ailing said, tourism circle currently holds 500 million cash, will increase investment in the country layout, and this round of financing, the tourism circle will also increase investment in three aspects: 1) accelerate the deepening of new market and develop new markets and increase regional marketing investment; 2) to further enhance the ability of product supply chain service platform we will, product richness, platform inventory stability, security and a series of services to enhance the customer experience again; 3) will increase the mobile technology development and innovation end marketing and distribution of investment, to provide more value-added services platform for users.


it is understood that Li Ailing served as vice president of leisurely travel business in 2103, and two other co founded Shanghai horse buckle network company, the first company to locate business, travel agents to provide marketing services. Later, in the service process, put forward the new request of travel agency, which can help them introduce suppliers to help them find the products, but also with the expansion of business, made a similar demand more and more customers. Eventually, Li Ailing and the team has made the idea of the platform for the next line of travel agencies and distributors to build the B2B platform tourism circle came into being.

worth mentioning is that the tourism circle is open and serve the entire downstream of the tourism industry, an independent third party B2B trading platform. In this hot field of B2B industry platform, some platform originally is the predecessor of suppliers or distributors, such as the same way, way cattle extended to B2B from the C side of the business, where the B2B platform Chang Kagemichi etc.. Li Ailing has said that neutrality is very important, otherwise a lot of interests can not be coordinated.

tourism circle formally launched in 2014, the end of 2014 to complete the A round of financing. Today, the development of tourism has become more than 150 cities covering east China, North China, Southern China, the B2B platform for the distribution of the more than 40 thousand distributors, it is reported that the company’s annual growth rate of more than 10 times.

B2B tourism market in recent years, once touted by the market: tickets B2B platform ticket Butler said recently will be listed on the new board; complete angel and Pre-A series B2B financing platform for outbound tourism day before, and said the tourism transformation GDS; tourism network spider Hotel B2B platform 36 krypton also reported, also completed A round in the year B2B billion financing platform; sesame tour is also in the middle of the year to complete the 50 million A round of financing.