Yang Lu the mainland market Chinese business embarrassment siege

, Pierre, Terry Gou, Guo Bezos, Mason Miki Tanihiroshi and Qian Zhongshu sit at the same table, it must be very interesting, they may understand earlier, Chinese, the electricity supplier market is like "siege", see the can, but touch if bitter.

Bezos, Pierre, Terry Gou, Mason, Miki Tanihiroshi, respectively, the electricity supplier giant Amazon and eBay, Hon Hai group, Groupon and Japan lotte. Compared with their unlimited scenery in the global market, the electricity supplier market in mainland China has become a serious and puzzling topic.


few days ago, Amazon’s China Huanshuai, allowing industry to re ignite why "of The climate does not suit one." foreign giants in china. A few years ago from the flock to the recent contraction and adjustment, behind the "Besieged City" has many mysteries of


those who are frustrated

just this week, Wang Hanhua resigned. This is from the Amazon headquarters after the acquisition, began working the elegant young, has been 7 years in the position of president of Amazon China. And his resignation and Amazon China in China, the majority of strategic decisions, like maintaining a low profile.

even after taking office, kept an annual meeting and the frequency of communication with Bezos, but Wang Hanhua could not escape his former joyo.com (Amazon Chinese predecessor) President Lin and vice president of the fate of mercury.


for 7 years, Amazon Chinese in the domestic B2C market share from the top, and should be roughly the same, has slipped to fifth in the first quarter of this year. Ali hatched out of Tmall, as well as latecomers Jingdong, Suning, Tencent, have been ranked in front of it.

at the same time, the name of the network has changed a lot, from excellence to Amazon, from Amazon to Amazon china. This brand behind the delay, but also implies the transformation of the functions of the local team. From 2005 to 2010, Amazon’s main task is to complete the transition from the excellent system to the Amazon system in transition. From 2010 onwards, Amazon China to play more Amazon in the global market, which is one of the operations center, without local decision-making.

and Amazon Chinese is similar to the new egg. This is a well-known electricity supplier in the United States to start 3C, China has been 10 years. Its current market share in mainland China has been less than 1%. In recent years, new Chinese experienced Huanshuai storm. This is a senior executives left open position for the future of the company, is also considered to be lost in the lack of understanding of localization.

, a former New China staff told reporters that the new China powerful is not president, but the members of the committee. Members of these committees are not primarily responsible for the core sector, but all over the hierarchy and some outside China executives. In the specific operation, new Chinese copy >