Bang Bang Gang double eleven carnival night platform turnover breaking billion

after seven years of refining, and now has become a double double the national shopping carnival, the major Internet financial platform have also launched a panic buying, raising interest rates and other activities. The evening of November 10th, the Internet financial platform for the state hall "Fengqiang 11.11%, peak to" double eleven carnival night potential should be started, according to the state to help hall data center data show that in November 11, 2016 15 6, platform turnover exceeded one hundred million yuan, creating a new record for a single day turnover hall state.


the double eleven carnival night activities, help state church platform to prepare the post full standby to help customers hall platform investment investment escort for the state. The platform for investment clients carefully prepared a regular B, C, compound and other regular regular financial projects, the annual rate of return of up to 11.11%, each of the financial items are provided which limit, regular B project 66 million 660 thousand yuan, 33 million 330 thousand yuan, a regular C project regularly compounding projects 11 million 110 thousand yuan, standard sales performance by the state for fame for the majority of customers to show real-time investment.

activities, the State Council to help innovative applications in the form of real-time tracking reports, which is the first time the Internet financial platform to try live coverage of marketing activities, the industry has been widespread concern and praise. It is reported that in early November the state started to help the platform hall live, hope that through innovative means of communication to interact with more users. November 10 day and night through the pepper live and reflect the live broadcast, Bang Bang Gang double night activities to attract tens of thousands of fans to watch the eleven. At 22:30 on November 10th, the number of live broadcast platform reached a total of 17000 people, triggering the climax of the event.

according to P2P fresh data show that from November 7th to November 13th, the cumulative turnover reached 246 million Yuan Gang, the industry ranked in the top 29. This result cannot do without the support and trust of users has been, as the Internet financial platform for the state church, will always uphold the concept of inclusive development model innovation, and service experience, to provide more quality services for users of financial security.