Source of fresh life Peng fight the whole youth to challenge

speed transit network December 19th news (Wang Yanan report) "micro electricity supplier, if there is no entrepreneurial attitude to business, if you do not fight on the youth to challenge, not only will miss the wave of mobile providers, and may even face the danger of being eliminated


as a mobile electricity supplier after 90 to test the water, the general manager of the speed transit network electricity supplier division Peng Yang has a rare risk awareness among young people of the same age.

is one of the earliest explorers Chinese WeChat electric, Yang Peng has a wealth of experience and experience of micro electricity supplier, has hundreds of WeChat public micro business optimization services, providing consulting services to dozens of business enterprise, provide WeChat platform marketing services for hundreds of enterprises.

he is responsible for the rapid transit network business division, the source of fresh life "WeChat account run fast, with an attitude of exploring new ideas constantly trying to expand sales channels, in the account of the development of honey, seedless guava, Zhanhua jujube, organic agricultural products, organic green orange and other achievements.

Peng Yang summed up his three cheats in the micro electricity supplier operating in. Here are all back and fight with the youth in the future of micro friends.

(1) micro electricity supplier operators need to have user thinking

micro electricity supplier operators must have a user thinking, simplifying the user purchase model, saving the time and cost of consumers, so that consumers more convenient access to products." For social factors and WeChat as the main carrier of a new model of mobile electricity providers, Peng Yang said so.

recently, "the source of fresh life" Qiongzhong green orange hot, so many consumers first tasted the sweet and delicious green oranges at the same time, also let many micro business practitioners to see the opportunities inherent in the business model of WeChat.

(2) tells the story of a good product + social marketing

talked about the "source of fresh life" Peng Yang successfully concluded: "organic, non pollution, Hainan origin, direct delivery to ensure freshness, plus a modest social marketing, is an important factor in the success of this product. On this basis, tell a good story by products, community relations, through marketing activities marketing and promotion channels combined, is the key to selling this product."

he said, this is not only the first sale of Qiongzhong green orange in the WeChat platform, but also "source of fresh life" the first attempt a new release and product sale in the WeChat circle of friends. Overall effect is good.

It is reported that since November 16, 2014

, green orange officially launched in December 6th, "the source of fresh life cumulative sales of more than 5000 Qiongzhong green orange box, the total revenue of nearly 500 thousand yuan.

although the sales performance is still a big gap compared with the traditional sales of electricity supplier, but for WeChat’s business platform just near the opening of the electricity supplier interface, can be said to be a successful attempt and exploration.

(3) to raise weight >