Ministry of Commerce new regulations for comments online shopping brush credibility false praise wi

Ministry of Commerce new regulations for comments: online shopping brush credibility, false praise will be illegal

[TechWeb] April 1st news, the Ministry of Commerce announced the commodity circulation law (draft draft), to the public for comments. The draft made it clear that the place of the transaction prohibit operators from their own or through other fictional credit evaluation".

Chen Fuli, deputy director of the Ministry of Commerce

law department said, "consumers in online shopping will credit rating and evaluation of commodity businesses as consideration, but these evaluation or reputation is not reliable, is that we often say" brush credit ", this draft will make provisions on this issue."

, according to an official of the Ministry of Commerce, China’s first e-commerce law (Draft) is expected in the second half of this year to various departments, relevant enterprises, industry associations, experts and other public comments. (Zhou Xiaobai)