Used car O2O there is no profit model

"capital market has been to winter." In all kinds of O2O summit, whether investors or entrepreneurs, through personal experience to draw this conclusion. With the continued turmoil in the world’s major stock markets, domestic venture capital increasingly cautious, to the current hot entrepreneurial tide poured a pot of cold water. For months, O2O enterprise financing frequency is greatly reduced, once financing has become a bold declaration of empty paper, but the giant is not affected. In this context, the O2O enterprises are of vital importance just unfolding test. How to grasp the straw in the surging waves, O2O companies have aspirations.

Steadily rising

domestic second-hand car trading volume, capital investment in the field of O2O heart Aaron, the late start of the second-hand car business, the so-called winter capital mostly have an play despite the storm, Diaoyutai attitude. Although each company has its own power, but still can not escape the fact that has yet to achieve profitability.

money is not afraid of cold

in the first half to get a lot of money injected into the used car O2O industry in the current round of capital winter is not panic. Beijing Daily reporter statistics, as of July this year, excellent letter group, car, car Cheng Youpin all 10 of second-hand car O2O enterprises to obtain financing not, the amount from tens of millions of dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars, including Baidu, Tencent and other strategic investors figure. Co-founder of all vehicles Du said, the platform has not yet used the money C round of financing, capital is not in short supply. The car, the relevant responsible person said, in September, the car has just completed 1 billion 200 million yuan B round of financing, it is sufficient ammunition. The capital injection, a small cotton padded jacket O2O enterprises winter "second-hand car".

in addition to the above businesses, some second-hand car O2O enterprise because "well-off" also unashamedly. The predecessor to the market in the car, renamed the seeds of second-hand car straight sell network, obtain founder and CO CEO Hao Yang Chung 58 market next year invested 1 billion yuan commitment. Safety director Zhou Yang car brand PR said, is one of the three safety car group portal strategy car portal, has attracted much attention in the short term, no platform financing needs, natural fear of the so-called winter capital. In Du Xiyong view, the winter struck, affected will only be very early financing, business models are uncertain or lack of capacity of enterprises.

profit road long

O2O even second-hand car enterprises but in fact under the water surface in smooth water, hidden reef. In the days before the million European network organized by the "Internet plus car" new ecology, long general manager of automotive division Zhao Wenchao said, "in the vehicle market, the front-end sales almost all brands are at a loss". He believes that, although the car sales industry is far from the winter period, but the new model is very important to consider the profit model.

stable income to the new standard of sales can bring the second-hand car, a car a car condition, a price problem is difficult to form a uniform pricing mechanism. Information on the use of opaque information between dealers and consumers in the traditional used car shop