Jingdong executives Deng Tianzhuo too early to make money nternet companies have no future

[Abstract] Deng Tianzhuo believes that traditional companies do a very big impact on the Internet, that is, you can not accept the coexistence of multiple methodologies.


_ reporter Yu real

a few days before the "2016 China chain industry O2O conference, vice president and general manager of Jingdong group Jingdong home strategic development and Innovation Incubation Center Deng Tianzhuo as a speaker of a play, you should know that this is a" banquet". Because of this, a conference organized by the China Franchise Association a total of more than 1500 participants, although the line retail enterprises and online business enterprise has many representative figures appeared, but the number of enterprises on behalf of the line was more than the online business.


Deng Tianzhuo before the end of the speech, the host site to do the test asked: and Jingdong has begun to cooperate with the beginning of the physical retailers, and ready to start cooperation with Jingdong to start the physical retailers to raise their hands. Did you see that Jingdong home market space is very large, because the hands of less than 10 people, it will be a blue ocean."

his "encounter" is not surprising. Not long ago, Deng Tianzhuo’s boss, Liu Qiangdong advised the traditional enterprises to give up self business that also shows endless, under the traditional retailers are also very curious, the development trend of how he would sell their home and look at the Jingdong O2O. Deng Tianzhuo also defended his boss, he stressed: Liu is the original, not the traditional enterprise self business platform, make good use of the existing platform of hydropower coal well. Deng Tianzhuo apparently did not stage fright, he’s on the other words of the venue, there was no less than "sensation Liu".

talked about the electricity supplier to make money and loss problems, Deng Tianzhuo said: premature profit Internet Co are due to not long". A remark, the venue immediately heard a whisper, my side a bow is in the brush mobile phone immediately raised his head, look at the table and asked Deng, nighbour: "I heard it."

that’s not Deng Tianzhuo’s keynote, just one of his ideas. In his speech, he was introduced in detail the development of the state of the Jingdong and the development of ideas, which, many of the views are very sharp and representative. The author extracts some of the main points for everyone to think (the problem for the author according to Deng Tianzhuo PPT added).

question one: why do not need to do traditional retailers do electricity supplier


I share some of the costs that you really have to go into the O2O field. In fact, the Jingdong is the Jingdong group home out, specifically to help achieve rapid solution to the electricity supplier of the offline store, which is very popular in developed countries, some examples, such as Taghit, they entered the business of time, basically by Amazon do a full set of solutions, including flow, system, operation, order execution, after after many years, they formed their own industry echelon, to get things back up, but the starting point is relatively high, because.