Vip com wine events continue to ferment non Moutai buyers want to sue

turn of the old and the new, into the "Moutai crisis", many netizens questioned, sales in its promotional activities Moutai is fake. Last December 31st and January 8th this year, two consecutive issued a public apology, admitted that can not shirk its responsibility, and will be 10 times the compensation of 903 consumers, and that someone is not open to the public security organs should be the supplier of criminal investigation requirements. Currently, has suspended the sale of all liquor, permanently stop cooperation with the supplier, once again review the company’s procurement of goods supply chain and supplier qualification.

fake Moutai to brought a series of chain reactions. Said more than consumers in the "IT times" reporter, in addition to Moutai, in also bought other brands of counterfeit products, but said "not only back pay, in a QQ group, a number of consumers filed a lawsuit in the brewing.

is the platform of the counterfeit incident broke out, can be seen as already rampant for many years under the line of counterfeit reflex arc chain, and new electricity supplier upstart, may not be able to live Hold.

fake Moutai lost fake Wuliangye why not pay?

from December 7, 2015 to December 11th, launched a "well-known liquor special session", but some netizens questioned after the receipt of goods from special buy Moutai is counterfeit, and the authenticity of contrast from the bottle, the weight, NFC security code etc..

December 31st, officially respond to the sale of fake Moutai incident, said by the authoritative appraisal department on the recovery of a portion of the goods were identified and found that with non Moutai Group factory original goods, and stressed that the "harmless", at the same time, have contacted 903 Moutai wine consumers, will be 10 times the value of the goods in advance the compensation for the supplier and said to the police has serious fraud.

January 8th, once again issued a public apology, said that can not shirk its responsibility, has been extracted first recovered sequestration of Moutai liquor in December 18th, Guangzhou City, Liwan District food and Drug Administration will be identified as fake. At the same time, for other commodities to buy the same special supplier for consumers in the one-on-one communication and processing, to consumers refunds and compensation ten times the value of the goods, "the compensation has been basically put in place".

but in practice, for the purchase of non Moutai wine consumers, compensation is not yet in place. In a QQ group, gathered more than 150 questions, to buy fake discussing consumers, most of them and one of the consumer is not 903 53 Moutai flying holiday, to buy wine with Wuliangye, there are also other categories of Moutai liquor.

consumers from Inner Mongolia Li Ming (a pseudonym) said in the group, he bought 1 bottles of Moutai and a bottle of Wuliangye from the special, suspected fake. Find the only product after the other said that all liquor >