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There are large supermarket chains and small convenience stores before

, after a fresh network platform and farmers market, food retail business in a foreign country is not good to do. Over the past ten years, the market share of the traditional food retail industry has lost by 15% (the United States, the United States, do not worry).

Industry analyst Philip Lambert

has given Austen attended south southwest conference the following suggestions, whether it is traditional supermarket or shop, can try to move in this direction:

1 pretend to be a restaurant (Grocery+Restaurant=Grocerant)

is the earliest you will see a supermarket or store there are selling cooked food, and then found the convenience store or organic stores put a few chairs or put a small table to facilitate eating meals, now some basic food retailers is more like a restaurant, for example, we previously reported in Hunter Gatherer, have ample the dining space, complete menu, freshly made food. In the United States, there are people playing more enjoyable, Market Grille small chain inside to eat sushi, steak, brunch or even fresh cider, Illinois Mariano’s chain stores offer more advanced barbecue and oysters. These are the direct display of their own sales of food, as well as the characteristics of the shop to add points.

2 stores do not open so big, choose goods more accurate.

is ten years, the average area of food retail stores has been reduced, the number of residents due in part to the boutique grocery store increased their selection of products than the supermarket more unique, flexible, pay attention to quality. Compared with the experience of choosing 1 kinds of products in the United States and the United States of America’s top 3 products on the wooden cabinets, consumers do not necessarily want to look at the end of the shelves of the product from the inside of the difficult selection of the 50. Now big supermarket chains are starting to try to reduce their size, or the introduction of fast shopping community shop.

3 service is more comprehensive.

when we are willing to accept to open the various difficulties and hardships farmers market to buy vegetables, as retail stores can do is probably more "human" ingredients, seafood and meat now district area more and more stood a master teach you the operation (as if these he kept the same), and red wine cheese are also provide some suggestions for professional personnel collocation.

4 to 80 and 90 after tasting the taste.

to meet the high incidence of posturing taste, food retail can highlight a variety of fresh, local, organic elements, and a little distant exotic (what a grain or Middle East Asia what fermentation stuff).