The cross border electricity supplier this week Shop No 1 cross border business layout

editor’s note this week of cross-border electronic business platform aliexpress goods shop renovation chaos, through cross-border supervision of the beginning of a wave of goods on the platform with repeated rectification; logistics, follow the steps to open the rhyme SF scouring the sea transport business, the service open to the world, and eBay’s global delivery plan to increase four, deep the world’s 64 countries and regions, an inevitable global courier service war kicked off soon.

1 shop layout cross-border electricity supplier business line, No. 1 sea purchase

The sale of goods by

entry bonded imported mode Shanghai FTA or overseas direct mail mode based on the eastern payment and cross-border cooperation, "bonded imported model No. 1 sea purchase can be the import of foreign goods to Shanghai FTA stocking, consumer orders, shipments from Shanghai FTA warehouse after customs inspection.

aliexpress governance chaos serious or repeated shop closed shop

a month from July 30th to August 30th is aliexpress platform give the seller a self-examination period, during this period, many sellers of their goods shops were modified and adjusted to a certain extent, self-examination after the end of the period, aliexpress again cleared repeated distribution rules, said to give illegal sellers the corresponding punishment.

rhyme with SF open to the low-end market

scouring the sea transport

U.S. service center official website ( formally launched, the beginning of the domestic sea Amoy online shopping customers and the global Chinese to provide warehousing, transshipment and cross-border logistics consulting, consulting services. At present, in New York, Losangeles, San Francisco, Oregon and Seattle have set up a branch responsible for the transfer of goods received.

eBay continues to penetrate Latin America: global shipping plan to add four

so far, the project has been deep in the global 64 countries and regions, the program began in-depth the Latin American market, and Salvatore, Jamaica, Honduras, Guatemala, 4 countries included in the project. Buyers will be able to participate in the program provided by the seller to provide all kinds of rich products, but also enjoy the terminal to track all cargo services.

set a Lanting Pavilion trend integration category sale business highlights

had set a total of 11 potential sites of Lanting Pavilion class one, flash sales business in the home only one entrance. And after the integration of home products list the remaining 8 class one entrance, flash sales channels have products at home focus map, the user can see the sale of products directly from the home page, and click enter the purchase page, visible on the sale of business importance.