Warm congratulations on the United States and the United States traditional Chinese medicine network

is the only Chinese medicine Kang beauty net "market entity and virtual market combination," to guide the market, trading, logistics, warehousing, distribution and purchasing information analysis, network promotion, quality inspection, consulting and training and other services in one of the Chinese herbal medicine industry third party service platform. After a few months of careful preparation, the United States and the United States and Chinese medicine web site a new revision in June 6, 2015 successfully on the line. This modified version for the majority of manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, Yaonong provide more authoritative information, Chinese herbal medicine, more real-time alerts and analysis of medicine market more comprehensive and objective principle, strengthen customer service, mainly has the following highlights:

new UI design browsing experience better

new UI design, the page is more concise, more smooth browsing, reading experience better.


Optimization Website navigation to reduce the difficulty of retrieval

main site navigation column according to the traditional Chinese medicine industry chain set, content distribution is more reasonable, the user can easily and quickly reach the required columns, reduce the users to find the information difficulty, reduce the user clicks and time, improve browsing efficiency.


rich database information services more humane

of new Chinese herbal medicine database, more comprehensive and more accurate information search varieties, varieties of Chinese herbal medicines, knowledge of the search results page aggregation index, news, market, price, business and supply and demand information etc..


The introduction of

resources map, the user can learn the distribution of Chinese medicine resources Chinese overall situation through the resource map, the map resource to dynamic data center based on the background, through the visual display accurate and real-time warning analysis, reference to the role of Chinese government planning, scientific research, teaching, industry operators to grasp the auxiliary resources as a whole.


optimized membership account system to achieve third party login

new version of the introduction of the United States and Chinese medicine Kang third party login function, currently available QQ and micro-blog login, the follow-up will be opened WeChat login.

The integration of the five

module five normalized

networkThe integration of

network and traditional Chinese medicine Kang beauty price index, E trough, Kang beauty Chinese city and resource map of five modules, the realization of the five network one, the user can query multidimensional operation, reduce the number of clicks, fast matching information resources. It is beneficial for the user to carry out a comprehensive understanding of a single variety, which is convenient for comprehensive decision analysis, and is conducive to the discovery of business opportunities and trade promotion.

Kang beauty medicine network as the information service platform of traditional Chinese medicine industry will always adhere to the professional, and improve the quality of website function and information, to provide for the majority of pharmaceutical companies, drug dealers, Yaonong.