To where to change Ctrip Baidu revitalize the overall situation of O2O paving the road for glutinou

after more than a year of time to talk, talk about the collapse of a series of repeated consultations, the butterfly effect accompanied by the Internet, electricity providers, O2O, OTA of the environment caused by the changing of the final, another of the situation with the fire of the enemy came together. After many giant merger case in this year, the public opinion of Ctrip and where the fit is not surprising, more like the other boot heart landing, especially Baidu full development under the background of O2O, where the change with Ctrip is generally considered a key move in the O2O market overall counter attack.

Where Ctrip

annexation ambitions long-standing, but before the market environment, where Baidu is increasing rapidly, where high hopes, not anxious to go where the profit. But now the market environment has changed, Baidu’s market focus has shifted to O2O. Baidu now focus on supporting the growth of glutinous rice, where to go a little too busy to take into account, if there is no role in promoting the role of glutinous rice, it may become a burden. This is the O2O and OTA strain, but the two are gradually fusion, all under the hands Baidu where hand Ctrip can get the maximum benefit of the market.

first, do not need to go where and Ctrip vicious competition, last year where the annual operating loss of 1 billion 844 million 800 thousand yuan, so burn up despite for the performance of rapid growth, but this money is not sustainable. Baidu at this time where to change Ctrip, is where to stop bleeding, but also in advance to lift their own hidden dangers.

secondly, Ctrip finally swallowed up where to consolidate their position in the OTA market, the boss of the industry, in addition to where there is no other company can compete pressure on ctrip. Even if Baidu hands Ctrip know from where does not necessarily play a 1+1 greater than 2 effect, but Ctrip indirectly has to go where the market share, in addition to the formation of close cooperation with Baidu, as a result, Ctrip in the OTA market competition more without fear of any company, including Ali.

third, Baidu Ctrip where to go to get the right to speak, and indirectly control more than 70% of the online travel market share, directly sealed "new" in the OTA market growth space. The group was set up before the hotel, tourism department and the acquisition of cool news, think in Ctrip and where cracks in the OTA market to break out of the U.S. group and public comment the Baidu to promote Ctrip where marriage is not blocked by integration of steady rise space in the OTA market.

fourth, OTA and O2O OTA strain, hotels, air tickets, vacation three business is also belong to the category of O2O, just do not control the 70% share of the online travel market is Baidu where to go as a bargaining chip in exchange, but for rice in O2O market provides a strong market power and performance support. Based on the generalized O2O point of view, now the indirect control of the OTA market, Baidu provides the basis for the performance of Meida glutinous rice and well-matched in strength.

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