Beijing Soviet war Ali left hand right referee

recently, Jingdong Suning fight price war, the Jingdong directly to the burning of the United States and other countries under the flames of war, such as the electricity supplier of the online and offline, said Su Ningguomei and other electricity providers and other online and offline price. This time the war, Ali did not play, but the first time released parity data, can not help but feel the presence of Ali in the excitement.

a huge difference in Amoy data ambiguous attitude of dubious

open a Amoy network home page, you can see the eye-catching banner pictures; Jingdong VS Suning, electricity supplier price war live broadcast. Click to enter the list is the real price. What is shameful is that I observed several data providing websites, Analysys data, a data, a scouring data, three party data monitoring differences. Amoy network only when the referee, and when athletes behavior is really surprising.

in addition, Amoy network data also spread through micro-blog and other new media, so that more people watching these data, regardless of the authenticity of the data, or data transmission, have been a major electricity supplier caused some impact. Ali plays an outsider, make people suspicious.

see, in the price war, Ali did not play with the awesome crowd, earned much attention, with a scouring data behind the scenes manipulation, making Ali group to become the biggest beneficiary.

Jingdong Suning fight shopping Gome running without showing feelings of

‘s price war, Suning Jingdong has been the protagonist, and the same type of Gome and Suning is very low-key, is standing on the sidelines. Jingdong Suning whether it is CEO, or general manager, are using their own micro-blog battle with each other. Both sides of the site is also a big fight publicity, claiming their price is lower than the other side, the price data is also updated in real time, parity.

United States but did not make the same big moves and suning. In fact, the United States behind the cheer group. The United States and the "referee" Ali had cooperation, it seems that Ali did not show up at the surface of the Jingdong Suning war, actually hiding in the United States behind, because of cooperation with the United States because of the large plastic Gome honest image, the reason is the same, only to attack the Jingdong.

Ali can reap Yuwengdeli Jing Su war


ambitious Alibaba, although not present in the electricity supplier price war, but once the price war in public electricity supplier price war data. In fact, the goal of Ali and Suning Gome, Jingdong lost in the price war. But will he succeed?

electricity supplier price war, behind the seemingly lively, the purpose of the electricity supplier is very obvious. Price war again how, we still think not to make money for the purpose of business is to play rascal. The real purpose of the price war is to hype, in order to brand effect, in order to occupy the market, but also to snatch tomorrow’s market. And this time the price war, Jingdong brand communication, whether it is from the breadth, or depth can be described as the ultimate, there is no thought Ali >