Guide network marriage third party payment company to pay the bottleneck of tourism search E commerc

online travel search site Wizard ( network and the third party payment company Alipay, caifutong, YeePay etc. a comprehensive cooperation program, hoping to open up e-commerce search payment chain, establish a perfect online payment system. These are the third party payment in the field of force. This wizard network cooperation, is the electronic commerce and the third party payment together, to promote the integration of third party e-commerce payment to establish and perfect the payment chain, improve payment efficiency vertical travel search field has a huge role in promoting.

According to statistics, 2010 in the first quarter of China’s e-commerce market, the overall size of the transaction reached a total of $1 trillion and 15 billion 270 million, the rapid pace of development, the prospects are widely optimistic about the

. But on the other hand, we can see that the Chinese e-commerce companies and websites, search and payment is not close enough, the need to open up as soon as possible to create a healthy, healthy green ecological industry chain. In the open e-commerce search payment chain, the cooperation between the wizard network and the third party payment companies laid a solid foundation for subsequent follow-up development.