Thinking about PR hijacking domain forwarding can hijack PR

LoveBlogEarn students in the blog message, when it comes to domain name forwarding is not able to improve PR? Because the domain name is forwarded to the, and now these two domain names are PR 4.

this problem must have a lot of people are interested in, I search for some information to hijack PR method in the Internet, which is when it comes to domain name forwarding, if this is the case, then we can be forwarded to the A domain name PR high B domain, so as to enhance the A PR domain name also. You can do Links and others.

I think it is not so simple, at least must meet the following conditions, it is possible to hijack the success of PR. (assuming that the A domain name to hijack the B domain name PR)

1 A domain name must be successfully forwarded to the B domain name, that is, enter the A domain name can successfully jump to the B domain name. (it’s like crap)

2 A domain name must be indexed by the search engine, that is to say, enter the A domain name in the search engine, search out the results of the display, including the site title and website. The description is the same as the B domain name in the search engine index.

3 A domain name and B domain name is resolved to the same server IP address, and the A domain name is bound to the B site.