With Taobao’s first wireless electricity supplier data interpretation mobile providers today and tom

Taobao released the first "2011Q2 Taobao wireless electronic commerce data report", prior to this, the mobile providers in a state of blindness, all want to rely on; with data, mobile providers on the road of development with a little light, at least let mobile providers in the field from the impetuous some rational regression. For example, how do you guess the current operating system of mobile providers accounted for the proportion of the electricity supplier you imagine the purchase behavior of consumers is how do you judge the current mobile electricity supplier opportunities how much?

to tell the truth, the data is amazing interpretation of some of the key information related to it, let me see some clues to the current mobile electricity supplier:

1, stiff and dead, Symbian mobile phone Taobao still occupy half of the country visits and the number of users of the


at present, estimates for each mobile client project will Apple (IOS) and Android (Android) system as the focal point of development, for NOKIA’s Symbian system (Symbian) is held in contempt and neglect, in the project’s humble position added: "the development of the WAP version to take care of some low-end users, mainly Symbian user". The origin of this judgment is: Apple has almost arcade, the pursuit of cost-effective users love to buy HTC. However, Taobao’s mobile electricity supplier white paper tells us:

"the 2 quarter of 2011, only consider the page views, Symbian mobile phone operating system user contributed m.taobao.com page views of 55.45%, the number of PV non Symbian mobile phone operating system with the iOS system is about half. The third bit Android system is about two times the Windows Mobile."

therefore, even all the electricity supplier for mobile mobile application developers, so far, not to ignore the Symbian users accounted for, although the report is Symbian system by each quarter of negative growth rate of about 5%.

2, who will use mobile electricity supplier? What is their application habits?

data report 55.45% this data to let me know Saipan have misled the industry discrimination in thinking, so we need to reflect on what? First, it accounted for more than 50% of NOKIA users how to use mobile phone access to Taobao’s


I found second noteworthy data: operators accounted for the proportion of mobile traffic is still in absolute advantage. Some common sense people know that if you do not have to WiFi, China Mobile’s mobile Internet access, iPhone4 and bricks of the user experience can not be too much difference. And the data report tells us that a lot of NOKIA users, they move through the wireless line to visit Taobao.

search again and again, I found that the report has a very valuable text: for users, WAP and PC channels and no natural boundaries between PC and mobile e-commerce website constantly switch >