Taobao merchants selling fake sick leave to fans up to 400 copies a week

according to the British "times" reported that the world cup is about to begin, and the time difference in Brazil decided that Chinese fans will watch the game in the middle of the night. In order to find an excuse to leave the company, many hardcore fans are prepared by the "black market" to buy fake sick leave. There are two key points about this "black market": the first is how to distribute these sick leave, followed by the fans how to search. The answer is Taobao, Alibaba’s core business platform as a large shopping site, but also China’s largest Internet companies.

Taobao merchants selling fake sick leave to Chinese fans

even know it is illegal, there are still more than a dozen shops on Taobao openly selling fake doctors sick leave. An online shop has sold more than 400 sick leave in the past week. If the customer further needs, and even selling counterfeit Taobao store.

Alibaba, known to every stockbroker in the world, is preparing for its initial public offering in the United states. As a long-awaited milestone, China and China’s Internet environment has forced some opaque companies to become more transparent.

"the times" that the true nature of Taobao has been ignored. Of course, Alibaba’s success has been a catalyst for entrepreneurs, but it also looks like a legitimate liar Waterloo and the counterfeiters were whitewash. Foreign investors may seek other reasons to convince themselves, but the shares in Alibaba will be obvious dark side.