Alibaba founder Jack Ma talk about entrepreneurship entrepreneurs need to do solid work

Ma can be said to be the idol of contemporary entrepreneurs, many people at the beginning of the business will complain about no money, no experience. Ma Yun had three entrepreneurial experience, at the beginning of the business did not have any money, but in the end he succeeded. Ma Yun believes that: at the beginning of the venture entrepreneurs need is not guidance, but hard work."

a lot of people always have ideas but rarely have action, but Ma will have the idea of action. So Ma successfully, and his success tells us that entrepreneurship is not only the spirit of hard work, but also with a dare to challenge the heart and do not give up the faith.

figure: Alibaba Group Chairman and CEO Jack Ma

"I want to prove one thing, if Ma can be successful, China 80% young people can be successful, what, only one can be successful, why only the brave can success, success must have wisdom and integrity, so the world is speeding up the opening."

– Ma: the brand is not hit by advertising (financial sector in March 21, 2012)

insist on doing the right thing, adhere to their ideals and mission is to pay a huge price, in any era is the same. Especially in today’s business environment in China, the creation of open and transparent, honest responsibility, sharing of commercial civilization will destroy a large number of vested interests."

– "Ma told Ali: adhere to do the right thing for the ideal survival" (IT Business News Network March 24, 2012)

think do business should be honest, do business should have a mission and values, otherwise we do not have to be so hard. I don’t feel like I’m standing on the moral peak, I’m just an ordinary person, I’m just an entrepreneur. You with entrepreneurs, small business time to do the longer, the more you understand the entrepreneur is not easy, it is not easy to change."

"I am not a person who gives up easily, I believe that as long as I am not dead, I will be stronger. Today, I am not Ma, Ma is just on behalf of this generation of people, new entrepreneurs, new entrepreneurs, we advocate a new spirit."

"I still believe that honesty is valuable and can be turned into money."

– Ma believes that the value of integrity: it is better to Amoy treasure can not lose integrity (investment sector March 19, 2012)

"in fact, the determination is not the biggest I have great confidence in the Internet, but I think to do one thing, experience is a kind of success, you go to try again, you can not turn; but if you do not think thousand roads like night, morning walk the road, the same reason."

– "Alibaba Ma scriptures: three principles of entrepreneurial young entrepreneurs" (speed transit network in November 2011.