Speed spike 10 seconds to get double 11 snapped

11 more and more close, many electricity providers have cut prices for the promotion of suction eye. Many of my friends are to be eager for a fight, during this period will have long admired the baby wash hands. However, although the 11 double, allowing users to buy after all the time is limited, how can in a limited period of time, the baby will get all the right hand, every friend must consider the issue. To this end, Baidu browser recently launched the double 11 spike king, then, how it’s performance?.

installation appointment, exception simple

want to let Baidu browser grab Zhuanban can play a role, it must first tell us what to grab, more domineering point, is to make an appointment in advance. Baidu browser booking process is very simple, just a few seconds to complete.

into the http://s.liulanqi.baidu.com/ site to download and install the program, install it, start it. On the right side of the browser address bar, click the second button (see Figure 1), enter the Tmall login screen, enter the appropriate information, enter the baby to add pages.


will copy the address corresponding to buy baby "add baby" text box, Baidu browser grab page will automatically transfer the corresponding commodity information, in which the good selection of merchandise to buy color, size and quantity, at the same time according to the actual situation to set a good opening to grab the date and time, click "OK" button to add the goods will be completed.


in the same way, add other needs to buy the baby to the list, as to how much can be added, depending on the size of your pocket meter.

automatically open grab, 10 seconds to get

next, we do not want anything, as long as the time to remember to open grab, open the browser ahead of time, it will be set at the time after the arrival of the automatic open grab. Because of its page refresh rate is millisecond, enough to hand out the old ten street. At the same time to complete the acquisition of the time is very small, generally a variety of goods, only about 10 seconds.

Every time

panic buying after the success of the Baidu browser page will pop up a dialog box to report to us at the table, and we have to do is in the commodity list, click on the "pay" button for payment.


at present, Baidu browser is the only one to support the dual 11 automatic spike snapped artifact, whether it is the operating experience, or buying success rate, so Xiaobian very satisfied. So whether we are buying 11 double poisoning who, for the promotion of shopping has almost crazy obsession, or usually have to buy a variety of goods at the same time hobby, the browser can give us great help. The so-called "purchase is also a way," everything is fast and accurate