Economic principles of electricity supplier O2O model

O2O has been in the industry, not what has been said, toss about like the same Chen sesame rotten millet. But no one from the economic point of view to interpret the O2O model, the following example we interpret the electricity supplier O2O mode to bring us what kind of value and change.

from the size of the size of the transaction can be seen in the size and value of the market, you can analyze whether the effective allocation of market resources. But between the two will restrict each other, while restricting the unlimited expansion of trading volume.

in general, with the increase in prices, the number of transactions will be reduced; with the decrease in prices, the number of transactions will increase. Because of the volume of transactions = the number of X transactions, so, in normal circumstances, a reasonable pricing, will maximize the amount of transactions.

from the following figure can see what kind of pricing will maximize the transaction.

if the cost is within the scope of control, it will choose to set the price in the middle of the position, because the amount of the transaction price = x the largest number of areas. The following figure:

think: is this pricing really the biggest deal?

see figure below:

if you are willing to pay a high price to pay the price, only willing to accept the low price of the user, so that the price of more than the amount of the transaction price is higher than the single


application in the O2O model, there is a way to make people willing to pay high prices will be high, only willing to accept low price groups. On the basis of traditional commodities, with "convenience" to do an isolation belt, let the high requirement for the convenience of the guests to pay a higher price for the convenience, low requirements of customers pay a lower price, so do not envy looked at each other, different grades of pricing can exist at the same time.

recently a fire O2O APP software taxi APP is the principle of the application of this principle to do different grades exist.

taxi is a taxi APP mobile phone APP, mobile phone users in the application can check around the number of taxis, taxi can send a request to the surrounding taxi, let the driver know someone playing here. If the user is very anxious, or difficult to call a car in a remote place, you can also apply in the voluntary fare increase to attract teachers. In this way, the price of different grades exist at the same time. With this feature, pay attention to the convenience of the guests can be more likely to get the desired service, but also willing to pay more than the entire market turnover is bigger than the original.

O2O is a new model of mobile e-commerce development. It has a wide range of applications. From different levels, analysis and thinking, you can develop more and better applications to help companies expand the amount of transactions.

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