Twitter wants to start a reality show with Hollywood executives


technology news (Tom) July 26th Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, the recent Twitter can be described as the action again and again, first Twitter on the first try of television advertising and marketing, with the United States Racing Association (NASCAR) reached a strategic partnership (in the Pocono 400 racing game live TV broadcast, Twitter total of 7 TV advertising, when the length of 15 seconds). And then with NBC (NBC) reached the London Olympic Games report cooperation agreement. Now, there is news that Twitter is planning to create his own reality show.

according to the current news revealed that the social network may be ready to produce the original video series, and play on their own website. According to well-known magazine "advertising magazine" (Adweek) revealed that Twitter recently with Hollywood executives and some filmmakers from close, they are making similar to the real world and hills "(The Real World and The Hills) to discuss the possibility of the MTV reality show.

industry is expected, Twitter produced reality show will be displayed in a separate Twitter page, the page will be built in online video player. "Advertising weekly" also revealed that another way to promote Twitter reality show is spread through micro-blog, users can click on these links containing micro-blog and then enter the play page to watch.

"this news is definitely a real source" said: "Twitter has started to take action".

It is reported that

, Twitter is still not the specific content of reality show with relevant partners to discuss, only for the communication of advertising and brand marketing etc.. Twitter’s goal is to attract some of the major advertising customers on the reality show advertising, and Twitter will be in a variety of ways to make advertisers advertisers get the maximum exposure.

in fact, this is not the first time Silicon Valley technology companies to enter the field of television. The United States Bravo TV television is shooting a Silicon Valley based start-up companies and geeks in reality. CBS is currently working on a sitcom based on two IT people working in Groupon.

and Twitter started his own reality show with CEO Dick – Castro (Dick Costolo) earlier this week said the company needs more involved in the big event such as the Olympics in the spirit of keeping. This means that Twitter has begun to move toward a larger goal, a new platform.

said: "the goal of Twitter is to break away from the concept of" enterprise ", so that people can really rely on Twitte>