There are three carriages can shake Taobao

One of the e-commerce forum is the highlight of the

Baidu Innovation Conference August 18th Baidu Innovation Conference, in this conference, Baidu released a plan, Fengming and the Bretton Woods ark project plan, which Baidu has ah three carriages, aimed at Taobao, Baidu is bound in the e-commerce market big, combined with personal understand, simple Analysis:

Baidu’s three program is more targeted at the current Taobao or CtoC market issues raised. The ark is fake and inferior products plan for there are a lot of problems on Taobao proposed standard product database, hope that through the shelves of product standardization management to reduce the fake and shoddy products exist; an independent evaluation system of the Bretton Woods plan is aimed at Taobao now credit evaluation problems, achieve a fair evaluation of the buyer to the seller. The plan although not directly against Taobao’s weaknesses, but also a response to Taobao’s flagship store.

in my "on the Box Computing behind to the enterprise of the enlightenment" in an article said more on information required by the information of three, which is Baidu’s proposed ark project direction, through the establishment of standard product to realize the product information management standard, users can see the product description is very intuitive standard in the search and this is a very good experience to search users, will also give Baidu have brought a lot of traffic, Taobao is difficult at this stage again in cooperation with Baidu.

for the three plan, plan is now possible Fengming framework, specific implementation methods and Taobao’s flagship store almost, in operation there will be more questions, some may later Baidu promotion customers directly to the visitors into the flagship store Baidu has ah, it may have a good effect.

The main direction of the Bretton Woods

plan is to set up an independent evaluation system, some time ago I wrote about the evaluation of Taobao credit system, the Bretton Woods plan, now is still not out of specific programs, no specific comments, but I think we should establish a sound credit evaluation system needs a lot of effort it involves too many problems.

is now in the Baidu ark project implementation plan for the standard library, I think those popular products can be achieved, but there are still a lot of difficult standardized products, such as local specialties, which will affect the implementation of the plan of the ark in a certain degree.

in addition, Cici Fuss believes that another important direction of the CtoC market is a lot of sellers on the platform to sell a large number of non standardized products, may be one’s own artwork, a local specialty, ah in the implementation of product standards library may have lost such a large number of long tail market. Of course, the choice of standardized products are now a breakthrough strategy, can not be standardized products and long tail products will be dealt with to a certain extent, the development prospects and direction.

is simple to have three carriages to carry on the analysis, has many insufficiencies