The United States Jingdong suning com National Day mid autumn promotion PK

experienced 8.15 electricity supplier price war ", in the National Day Mid Autumn Festival approaching, and the Jingdong store, Gome online mall, promotion pk. Through the official micro-blog search engine optimization, in the home, the logistics distribution ability three big double pk. The electricity supplier big boss Jingdong mall to take a low profile, Gome is taken out early "witness cheap miracle, spread double the return of outstanding full minus activities; is the promise of" your Jingdong, price two times compensation "outstanding 0 yuan purchase activities.

The official micro-blog

double promotion pk:

1 Jingdong mall official micro-blog: Jingdong mall official micro-blog after Liu Qiangdong’s Tomato micro-blog event, low-key. Not bad money Liu Qiangdong stealth, the official micro-blog only released a small range of promotional information. For example, the Jingdong Jingdong mall mall audio books, small appliances, delicacy Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, moon cakes, Jingdong campus, daily necessities and other activities. Official micro-blog specific activities summarized as follows:


2 Gome online mall official micro-blog: Gome online mall micro-blog following a series of activities in order to witness the miracle of low price after the release of the full range of activities in full swing on the afternoon of 9.22, released in more than 9.17. Gome official micro-blog specific activities summarized as follows:


3 mall official micro-blog: mall official micro-blog outstanding super 0 yuan to buy a new machine, the holidays do not have to wait eleven books, 0 yuan, 0 yuan to buy the lottery and other specific activities. Micro-blog specific living summary as follows:


look at each search engine optimization in pk:

1 Baidu search Jingdong mall, Baidu search engine will be as follows:


can see from chart Jingdong mall to take low profile in the National Day Mid Autumn Festival, wood hype, only 1000 tickets Wandong free collar activities. Other districts have small activities. Has been prompted by the whole network is low, the National Day cheap attack.

2 Baidu search Gome Baidu search will appear as shown below:


as shown above, the United States online shopping mall not only take full reduction activities, but also to take the book to buy 0 yuan of activities, has been a prominent low price promotions.

3 Baidu search "" Baidu search will appear as shown below: