How to open an online shop

Taobao shop supply how to find

with the development of e-commerce, Taobao shop has become a business, one of the options. Open Taobao shop after the problem is how to open the shop to find sources of supply, how to find Taobao shop


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online shop there are two options, one kind of transactions, one virtual goods transactions. Therefore, the first step is to set up shop after shop planning, positioning of the shop, choose the product must be careful to open shop to find sources to choose their own products, choose their own products, to choose their own love, are interested in. Only in this way, shop promotion do have passion, have fun.

for physical transactions, online sources are the following:

1 manufacturers. Directly from the manufacturers to take goods. The advantage is to be able to get the goods at the lowest price, and the disadvantage is the need for a considerable portion of the funds, but also to spend energy to take pictures, etc.. There are many manufacturers need to pay attention to, such as the exchange of goods and products product quality problems, these should be prior consultation with the manufacturers, in order to avoid disputes after a bad deal.

2 wholesale market. The advantage is that the demand for funds is relatively small. The disadvantage is that you need to spend their energy to take pictures, etc.. In addition to the supply of goods which need to have relevant experience, also need to take the time to go to the wholesale market, the months of investigation.

3 proxy. For the novice, which is currently the best source of a channel, just run their own shop, other issues are handled by the merchant.

in addition to the sale of goods, another option is virtual goods transactions. Virtual goods need less cost and reduce investment risk. The important point is to sell virtual goods is to quickly increase your credibility and popularity store choice, the online shop, the credibility is very important. And no need to supply, no logistics support. Virtual goods trading has the advantage of virtual recharge products there is no quality difference, as long as can provide customers with good filling line, therefore, no credibility, so sellers! And some also supports online hosting, even offline hosting, for the novice and part-time staff, is quite convenient.

the most intimate after-sales service

customer service well, we all know very clearly, this is very important, which is used to ensure the maintenance of the important technique of old customers! Is something you need to solve the quality problems, the courier slow you have to hurry. This need not be too long winded. I want to mention that if your customers choose something doesn’t fit, best to let her in the premise of bear postage, in second days by courier immediately returned, then switch to a size or a style, but only once, no more, or to meet tough advocate will be endless. Why is this so?