Choose the most suitable for your business marketing

companies only their own web site is not good marketing. Enterprises in order to do a good job in network marketing, we must improve the search engine rankings, selling products, enhance the visibility of these three aspects of enterprises.

a, improve search engine rankings, is SEO and bidding.

1 SEO. Do business website SEO, first of all, to choose the most important customers to search keywords and long tail word, rather than peers are doing brand keywords, these larger competition, it is difficult for SMEs to do. For example, I now help enterprises to do the bicycle website, there is a word "Marty god mountain", as long as the site is included in the search engine, then the "Marty God bicycle" basically will be ranked first, because the keywords other sites do not compete, but the words are almost no traffic, if you choose "mountain bike" as the main keywords for SEO optimization, through regular updates and the original exchange Links, do some external links, after a period of time, will the "mountain bike" the keywords ranking do, even the first. Enterprise web site to do SEO, there are three key points: the election of keywords, regularly publish original articles, do more links.

2 promotion. If the keyword is very competitive, it is more appropriate to do the bidding, but not blind investment, analyze the peer auction page, according to delivery counterparts, whether it is profitable for the judgment, if it is profitable, so we can learn from the advertising page layout, to modify their own web pages on the bidding advertising, profit the advanced test for a week, if the delivery is profitable, can increase investment, and give up.

two, to promote enterprise products, commonly used channels in Taobao, Alibaba, B2C mall.

1 open Amoy store or mall. On Taobao, the analysis of a number of well done peers shop, look at its decoration style, promotions, online reputation, etc., manufacturers have a stronger price advantage than Taobao retailers. Taobao on the train advertising as peers do, it is worth to analyze. Method is also similar to the promotion of bidding. 2 Alibaba. The VIP member on the Alibaba is already quite saturated and cannot be compared to the previous one. Opened VIP members can not bring much effect, combined with Alibaba to provide marketing treasure and other tools, will bring customers.

three, to enhance the visibility of the enterprise, is commonly used to promote video, news media.

1 video promotion. Video portal site search industry products, found to have more good ideas, but the communication volume is relatively large, then we can copy the mode of shooting a similar promotional video, and then take the initiative to put the video website.

2 media promotion. Find a good writer, write text, and sent to the portal website, the soft real power is the major industry websites. Select the traditional media with the signing of the portal, each of our reports will appear in the major portals, and will appear >