Taobao in Shanghai subway in an exhibition you want to make up

has more than 12 years, these buy buy online shopping users and sellers now become Taobao spokesperson for the Dragon Boat Festival holiday just passed, to meet the workers more than work, and every day after the subway advertising, but work has the heart is very tired, print ads and cycling playback LED screen is really not what people love to see. So this time Taobao has changed its form, called "Metro Art Exhibition – ten thousand kinds of".


Shanghai, Xujiahui subway station has three lines, crowded, has always been a major brand advertising place. June 22nd to June 30th exhibition of Metro art exhibition, in fact, is still a Taobao marketing. Preheat the poster in the subway to carry out pre wrote: "in addition to" torture ", when the washboard can have what effect? How many" revealed the contents of the exhibits. These 8 exhibits from science and technology, creating Taobao dispensers, bamboo Home Furnishing Amoy brand and Taobao "senior buyer", all the exhibits can either buy at Taobao, or completely by Taobao bought raw materials.

said these exhibits: made with washboard instruments provided by a multimedia music team spice band; Handmade Steampunk doll, "steam factory" brand director works; a bicycle out of bamboo, bamboo Chinese elements by a foreigner in Beijing David with his most love crafted, parts and raw materials purchased from Taobao; "lip" exhibits is an interactive sound installation, when you walk into the Taobao bought every kind of lip products, the infrared device will issue a "Pro Jiangsu shipping" and other six different lines; "Love Letter No. 2015", the artist Yang Yexin Amoy to the the age of the old letters, use them to wrap the toy gun and equipment, to express the theme of love to heal the conflict.


"bamboo bike"

"Love Letter No. 2015"

is interesting, "and" love letter "for 2015" by Huang Haibo and Yang Yexin, are the local advertising companies "day and empty" creative partner, if they read the past case, this is not difficult to find a form of installation art is good at. Deng Bin, another partner in the sky and sky, said, "Taobao has two times a year of large-scale marketing, once a double 11, one is the anniversary of the year, in the back of the 618." And this activity is for Taobao 12 anniversary.  

12 anniversary of the slogan is "Taobao, Jin made recently, log in Taobao, you will find the home page advertising links to a 12 anniversary of the Mini Site, the card website presents many sellers and buyers use Taobao creation story. The campaign of advertising