Government docking help fresh electricity supplier looks very beautiful

in recent months, with fresh as the representative of agricultural products become the domestic electronic business platform can not avoid the topic.

at the beginning of June, Amazon launched China channel "fresh seafood pier", then the Jingdong, COFCO I buy and also fresh channels on-line. Previously, the 1st shop, Taobao and other electronic business platform has also been concerned about the size of the electricity supplier has not been valued in the field.

in the future, the food industry will bring more room for growth. According to the China Food Industry Association released data show that in 2012 the food industry output value of about 10 trillion, accounting for GDP of the country’s total of 20%, an increase of 4.5% over the previous year. But in 2012 China’s circulation into the field of solid agricultural products through e-commerce circulation of agricultural products is only about 1%. Behind this figure implies a huge market, according to Jingdong, as well as Dangdang introduced, the two were in the field of electricity and books as well as the ability to face the traditional sales field. At present, almost all kinds of agricultural electricity supplier industry is a big market, the growth potential of natural huge.

According to Xu Lei

senior vice president of Jingdong and several business platform areas related to the person in charge, the current electricity supplier platform has not been fully attention to profits, but more attention is focused on continuous consumption and food field can bring. Fresh online sales model is still in the initial stage of exploration and development, the lack of several core areas are fresh electricity supplier in the future cast a shadow. Some electronic business platform is trying to cooperate with local governments.

in the end what kind of cooperation in the end what kind of future may be the traditional super – made efforts will give an example of the electronic business platform.

fresh electricity supplier spring is still coming to

fresh class electricity supplier story began a few years ago, but the first to test the water almost all trapped in infrastructure and died. At that time, there are comments that this area is not suitable for entrepreneurs to enter. Last year, to Tmall as the representative of the more large electricity providers who began to pay attention to this segment of the field.

but more capital and larger platform and did not let the future road have smooth fresh electricity. Compared with traditional sales, the biggest advantage is that the electricity supplier’s rapid response to the supply chain, which is represented by fresh agricultural products are difficult to meet the requirements. There are many participants in this industry chain, from farmers and processors to suppliers at all levels, even if only a link will mean higher costs and greater risk.

fast turnover, low inventory, shorten the distance between the origin and the customer, to ensure the quality and freshness of fresh food is the golden rule of fresh electricity supplier. But compared to the traditional super, electronic business platform and local farm less contact, at present more business platform is the operation of some products should be the season, but did not produce a stable supply, which means that the cost will be higher.

on the other hand, the feeling of fresh product experience is not available electronic business platform, which may become a problem in the future