2015 fresh electricity supplier to the direction of the capital blowing toward the three side

The change of agricultural information mentioned

2015 document and the circulation of agricultural products and the content for the development of fresh electricity supplier add a fire, however, even if the air blowing, it does not mean all incoming can take this chance to take off. Now there are also fresh food enterprises to obtain financing qindie spend money, get financing in the amount of money spent more than vague, qindie also want the godfather admission, the financing and business development of fresh market has not formed a positive correlation. 2015, fresh electricity supplier will be very obvious to the three direction, the capital of the tuyere and blow to where?



, a traditional enterprise moved to fresh O2O

early in the concept of fresh electricity supplier has not arisen before the traditional retail enterprises tried to open up the electricity supplier channels, increase the application of new type killer, but as a business, with the original thinking of Internet operation, finally proved impracticable, the first batch of fresh electricity supplier, so by the pioneer to martyrs.

, however, this does not mean that traditional enterprises to stop. This, from the time of the last year, specializing in the operation of fresh food shop opening speed can be seen. Taking Beijing as an example, in 2014 the emergence of a large number of streets to fresh category, especially fruit based franchise stores, on the one hand, it can be seen as the traditional enterprise in the special category of self transformation, on the other hand, more of these shops, for the future of the fresh O2O foreshadowed.

as everyone knows, in all the fresh electricity development, most attention is the transportation and distribution of this link has been responsible for fresh electricity supplier is mentioned to me, in the whole process, the distribution cost accounts for 20% or more, and in all of the customer experience, and distribution is the most an important link, which determines the distribution to mobilize the whole development of fresh electricity supplier a throat type link. It takes a lot of cost, and determines the end consumer degree of customer experience, thus affecting the re purchase decision and the accumulation of customer loyalty, and influenced by the two factors, distribution links in turn to a certain extent affect the enterprise’s capital chain.

no big money, can not play fresh concept.

so, from this point of view, the traditional enterprises with the development of the electricity supplier, the future is very likely will be fresh category listed separately, with the next line store location advantage, development of O2O, namely, maintain existing customers, but also to avoid its own distribution such as weakness, but also to a certain extent control cash flow.

two, vertical electricity supplier to accelerate the platform

is different from the traditional enterprise, another batch of fresh electricity in this area is currently dominate the field of people in the future will be the full realization of the platform. In this group of fresh electricity supplier, the existing fresh platform and logistics companies will be the protagonist.

recently, rhyme into cross-border electricity supplier so that the logistics company once again by the customs