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April 28th, sponsored by Jingdong financial Jingdong multi-creation camp two second courses at the Communication University of China officially commenced. Known as the ecological business model LETV was invited to become the course of the guests to share from the music as ecological strategy center, LETV cloud, ecological network wine a few heads and students share collaboration under the music as eco business model and ecological anti case.

network network brand director Xie Zhongwei camp and entrepreneurs in the field of AC


Jingdong as the public record top training courses, the Jingdong public record camp to create a community connection as the core value, and the school ushered in the 53 outstanding business from different fields, most of them have been newly established enterprise, founder of the A round of financing. Concentration camp by sharing Jingdong, music, Haier and other large enterprises business model, corporate culture case analysis study, stimulate entrepreneurship, explore the mode of cooperation. Also at the beginning of the year has just won the A round of financing and put forward the "ecological wine life world" strategic network network as the course to share one of the guests, and exchange students under LETV ecological gene network network rooted wine industry, anti ecological collaborative innovation road.

"ecological idea network network is the four layer architecture" user centric, brand director Xie Zhongwei network network network network ecological strategy core and students in-depth discussion, "under the music as eco content can become high-quality marketing resources, but also can reverse catalysis, derivative products, the formation of strong difference of IP the barriers to competition to achieve wider profit channels based on the wine, easy to Wine financial and ecological services to expand multiple membership service model innovation LETV unique ecological characteristics, the layout of O2O, build wine channel, open platform, taking the matrix to form the ecological line, play ecological advantages of the platform. Network network is taking root side of the wine industry vertical integration of the industry chain, while the music as ecological up and output ecological value, to create an open loop complete wine life world ecological innovation road."

said as one of the members of the network network LETV ecological ecological ecological LETV in under the eaves of the collaboration, sharing the value of the road, Xie Zhongwei said that the network network has its advantages: the wine itself flexibility can effectively reverse allowed between online and offline and each ecological business unit; in a lot of music as ecological conference star, activities, homemade columns, IP resources and wine products have strong applicability; network network at present in large SKU based on the sale, from all over the world in different countries and different areas of the product to ensure the diversity of products, which can meet the diverse needs between different business units.

The collision between

different business units not only bring extension and amplification of ecological value, is an innovative mode and added value to lead the industry, but also makes the network network unique competitive differentiation. Spring Chengdu sugar during the many Chengdu fans who spontaneously came to the net wine exhibition brings high popularity.