2014 China’s electricity supplier industry is worth recalling the six key words and several major tr

a few days later, 2014 will be an eternal history, this year, China’s electricity supplier industry is undoubtedly a year of harvest, but also a milestone year. Stand at the end of the year, looking back the history of electricity surge high and sweep forward we can easily check out, the following key words.


Keywords: listing

electric business China, never like this year in May 16th, jumei.com in a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment, the NYSE listing, a few days later, the Jingdong listed on the nasdaq. September 19th, Alibaba unveiled the NYSE, financing $25 billion to achieve the world’s largest IPO. Ali Jingdong have been listed, which is the end of an old era, but also the beginning of a new era. It marks the 3C, books, clothing, cosmetics, etc., including the kind of physical electricity supplier has reached its peak, this round of listing also means that the real object of the electricity supplier has not much space.

Keywords: marriage

this year in March 10th there has been a big event that has changed the pattern of electricity supplier. Tencent will pat C2C, QQ online shopping and other services transferred to Jingdong, and to $215 million acquisition of Jingdong shares, accounting for 15% of Jingdong shares. This battle, lifting the valuation of Jingdong in the capital market, but also to the Jingdong has brought a huge social traffic, and Tencent has pulled out of the electricity supplier. Today, when we turn back to find that this is not the end of the battle, Jingdong and Tencent’s marriage did not because of the acquisition of pat, Yi Xun and other resources market share has improved much.

and the other with a "marriage" keyword related events occurred in August 29, 2014, Wanda, Baidu, Tencent announced a joint venture by electric business 20 billion Wanda electricity supplier established news registered in Hongkong. As of the week occupy the Internet news headlines, the most fun than Wang comrades, another wave of women recognize him as a husband, and I can only feel grass root without Pharaoh so come to the rich dad. In a flurry of media for the subversion of the sound of praise, until Wanda real estate in the subsequent successful landing in Hong Kong has become the largest IPO since the beginning of this year, we only know the meaning of Wanda electricity supplier in the capital market, and Robin have said pony brother confiscated

platform fee?

Keywords: Sea Amoy

in 2014 the next keyword sea Amoy, electricity providers are beginning to move from the region to globalization, the electricity supplier is looking for a new price in the global depression, eliminate the space gap in commodity trading. Tmall will double this year for the first time to expand to the global 11, becoming the first global double, and Tmall international, Taobao overseas, fast selling, etc. also participated in the first two pairs of 11. And from the United States business tycoon Amazon also took a fancy to the sea Amoy this big cake, in the "double eleven" opened the six largest overseas direct mail service Chinese site, a total of about 80000000 kinds of goods. Sea Amoy electricity supplier