nternet pioneer comprehensive upgrade Hongkong server help cross border electricity Supplier Trade

recently during the twenty summit, China and Turkey signed the strengthening of the construction of the Silk Road online, pragmatic cooperation in e-commerce memorandum of understanding". This is China’s first cross-border electricity supplier involved in the trade rules of the document, which means that Chinese companies have made a major breakthrough in the development of cross-border electricity supplier trade rules.


in the background of the economic downturn Chinese foreign trade, cross-border electricity bucked the trend, according to official data show that in 2014, China’s cross-border electronic business platform has more than 5000, through various cross-border e-commerce platform, enterprise more than 20, cross-border transactions amounted to 4 trillion, an increase of 30.6%, accounting for 14.8% of the total import and export. In order to develop cross-border electricity supplier to promote trade development, the country has repeatedly introduced policies and measures to encourage cross-border electronic payments, including improving the efficiency of customs clearance to support cross-border electricity supplier companies.

from the policy to the market, are very conducive to the development of cross-border electricity supplier trade, and many companies have joined the ranks of cross-border electricity supplier, the construction of overseas websites and independent mall. But the first condition to do cross-border electricity supplier trade is to have a stable, high-speed server backing. Many cross-border electricity supplier companies because of the special geographical location of Hongkong, large bandwidth, high quality computer room and other factors and the choice of Hongkong server. But when the server failure, due to the distance, not in a short time to repair the fault, a direct impact on the company’s online sales and brand image.

reporter learned that the Internet pioneer (idcicp.com) as the leading overseas network service providers, has taken the lead in solving this problem. Internet pioneer recently conducted a comprehensive upgrade of the Hongkong server, the upgraded Hongkong server with remote control card, a complete solution to the problem of remote enterprise management server in Hongkong. Internet pioneer is also the first domestic launch of remote control card server overseas network service providers.

from the Internet pioneer officer, remote control card can whenever and wherever possible remote management server card equipment, this card provides a network port for the user, in order to achieve remote control server operation. After the remote control card is installed, the remote server can be operated in the office, including the restart, the switch machine, the failure, and so on. When the server is out of power, the server can be started remotely. When the system crashes, the operating system can be installed on the server, and the running state of the server hardware can be detected. You do not need to install any driver, you do not need to install the client, you can easily achieve remote management.

Internet pioneer as the country’s leading overseas network service providers, access to a number of international authoritative certification and qualification. With "forward-looking market, sustainable innovation" for the purpose, committed to solve all technical problems for customers, to provide the best quality products and services. Years of industry experience and technology accumulation, so that the Internet pioneer gradually developed into an overseas network services industry >